A Bora Escape

So, since summer is really really that close, I have the feeling of posting my Boracay experience last year. This is my first time being in that island and I swear it was fun!

Actually, I received an email from our coordinator about some training. And unfortunately, she didn’t told us where the said training to be held. I actually think it’s again in Tagaytay (Assuming 😀 ) but my sister told me it’s in Cebu. Ohwell, Cebu is such a nice place though (self-motivation. hahaha). So all the time I imagined the outcome of the training to be held at Cebu- Ecotech, to be particular. I didn’t get too excited bec. Cebu is just an hour away from  Bohol. So there’s no hassle going there.

A week before our scheduled trip, I again received an email, again, from our coordinator, our flight itinerary and to prepare some decent swimwear in case we wanted to swim. And gaaah, our trip will be from Cebu-Kalibo, Aklan. Oh well, Aklan yea, Boracay? But I didn’t set any high expectations because I might be wrong again.I kept on asking them where, but they just don’t want to spit any single word. So yun, I just go with flow.

Last October 19, 2015 was our scheduled flight to Kalibo, Aklan. Yea, I’m a bit excited for I couldn’t resist my mind thinking it’s Boracay (hahaha, felingera). We rode on a boat going to Cebu then find our way to Mactan International Airport. There, we met our co-participants. We took the 7pm flight to Kalibo. Reached there by 8pm. Rode on a van for our 2-hour drive to Caticlan port. Again, rode on a boat to Boracay na. Yeaa, fantastic! It’s Boracay nga! Wuhoooo! We stayed at Faith Village, Boracay Island, Philippines.

Photos taken during the course of travel. 😀




It was a fun experience to be with different missionaries and being with them was fun (redundant ba? XD)! After our 3-full day training, we did some recreation. We went Island hopping, snorkeling, swimming under the heat of the sun and we were just enjoying the moment.




We stayed at Faith Village Hotel.


The training proper. But before anything else, selfie! 😀

By the beach..

Boracay nightlife..

Ate Ingrid and Ate Fredz on the verge of enjoying the waters by night. (I’m not with them ‘coz I serve as their official photographer. 😀 )

But our stay in there wouldn’t last for a lifetime. It’s now time to say goodbye to the place. Bye for now Boracay. See you again the soonest! :*

Surely, one of the best!


Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

Preventing Teenage Pregnancy is an advocacy of Awana Philippines. Awana is an international youth and children’s ministry that focuses on Scripture memory and disciples children and youth at each age level  for them to understand and apply Scriptural truths in their lives.

The following facts and tips were taken from Relentless Conference held at CCT Tagaytay Retreat Center. Actually, I wasn’t able to attend to the said conference due to class conflict so I grab my sister’s copy and post it here for everyone (in case, you might stumble upon my blog) to read, be informed and be given some useful biblical tips. Enjoy guys!


  • Teenage pregnancy is a growing problem in our country.

Every hour, 24 babies are delivered by teenage mothers. (Philippine Statistical Authority, 2014)

14 percent of Filipino girls aged 15 to 19 are either pregnant for the first time or are already mothers. (Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality, 2014)

  • 3 Key Social factors that influences teenage pregnancy:


(Going out with Bad Influence)





  • 6 D’s of Teenage Pregnancy:

Direction in Life
– Affects dream of future


Discipline of Health
– Teens do not seek regular and adequate medical care
– 7 out of 10 don’t go for check-up
– Smoking and drug use
– Staying up late
– Babies tend to have low birth weight and immature organ system


Delayed Education
– Deviated from education to being a mother


– Being overwhelmed with the problem can cause teenage mother depression
– The demands of pregnancy and child-bearing may push the teenage mother to leave or abandon the child


Debt and other financial challenges
– Teens don’t have full time employment to provide for the time of pregnancy and even for the baby


Disharmony in the Family
– Extend stress for the family
– Pressure from parents
– Can’t go out with friends



  • 5 Practical tips on keeping pure:

images (32)

Keep your tongue in your mouth

images (39)

Don’t unbutton

images (33)

Don’t unzip

Photo 533

Don’t Pull-up

images (38)

Don’t Pull-down

  • 7 Tips on How to Remain Pure

Read your Bible
The WORD of GOD can be our guide for our daily choices.

download (4)

Remember that Sex is for MARRIED PEOPLE
Your virginity is the best gift you can give to your spouse.

download (5)

Remember that your body is GOD’S TEMPLE
God lent us this body, we have to take care of it. Honor your creator with your body.

images (34)

Be in love RESPONSIBLY; practice a CHRIST-CENTERED relationship
God is the center of a complete and strong relationship, lust can never be love.

images (36)

Spread the true kind of love! Share GOD’s LOVE to others!
We live in a world with a perverted notion of love, we have to share God’s true love.

download (7)

KNOW the true definition of love.
Love is finding the best for the person you love.

images (37)

GOD designed us to be pure.
We were made to be pure. It’s never too late to be pure again.

download (9)

AWANA Philippines seeks to reach the youth with the Gospel of Christ and to train them to serve Him. They hope to raise a generation of youth equipped and empowered to face the trials of life, so that they become efficient and effective members of society.


Nineteen 04-10-16

During special occasions- birthdays, New Year, Christmas, anniversaries, and the like-, I usually anticipate sweet and inspirational messages from those sweet and thoughtful people. And since today’s 19th my birthday, I received birthday greetings from those special people. Admittedly, this year’s are fewer from the past. So here are their messages.

Text Messages

  • Goodmorning bodz, Happy Birthday. Godbless :)- Peewee

  • Happiest birthday den! (Sorry don, I accidentally erased your text message due to my clumsiness :D)– Donna

  • Happy2 birthday den!! Enjoy your day.. nya if asa ang treat willing mi manguyog. Hahahah- Lyca

  • Hai den. Happy Birthday!-Ate Micmic

  • Happy Birthday Ocdenaria, take care always. God bless-Pj

  • Hi te eden.. 🙂 Happy birthday nimu. Have many more birthdays to come in your life .. Bisag wala na ta nagkita pero sakong heart you are still my sister 🙂 Continue lang to serve God. Happy birthday ulit. Godbless :)-Mykae


  • Happy birthday. Long message later. Hehe-Jeaneth
  • Before this day ends would I like to greet edeeeen a happy birthday!! 🙂 Naghuwat bya ko na mu gm ka namu den kay gorabelss manganha mi dha. hahhaha bitaw padayon sa pagkabuotan ug pagkarelihiyoso den pero ayaw pud pagmadre ha kay mamakals pa mi nig minyo nimo puhon 😀 haha Godbless always den especially imo family, health, studies and crushlife. Puhon ng lablayp kay way ayo na. haha XD thank you so much sa friendship den though dili na ta kaayo tigkuyog2 karon unlike sauna nga di ta mabuwag nila Donna haha. Nindot unta mabalik ta saunang chill2 pa. kaon2 adto babaw bq kung vacant na 😦 sagdi lang puhon makalaroy2 ra lage ta tanan balik basta wala pay magminyo hahah and happy birthday deeeen! kita ra ta puhon 🙂 :*- May Ann
  • Happy Birthday den! Godbless :)- Wella

Facebook timeline posts

  • Matiaro Leorita AJ‎ happy born day 🎁🎁🎁


  • Starlyt Joy Estrera Concha Edeeeen, Belated Happy Bday!!!! Wako kagreet gbie ba ky pathrilling unta ko pgkagbie adto ja nanglaag man mi mao to haha. Anyways den, mag selfie ta panagsa bi ky watay pic ktang duha hahaha. Bsta mao nato den atong sabot XDD padayon tas atong mga pangandoy sa knabuhi haha, I know you may be upset sometimes(kitang tanan) but I know God is up to something, mka graduate ra lge ta anii pohon!!! Keep being an optimistic and simple girl, ipagawas na nang imong gpantaguang talent, skills and abilities dha hahahaha. Bsta mao nato den hahahah Happy Bday loveyaaaaaaa
  • Starlyt Joy Estrera Concha's photo.
David Antequisa Ocdenaria‎ Happy Birthday…
Jean Cristel Corbita Matidios‎ Happy Birthday  God bless you !
Juanir Rubillar Jovit‎ dai happy happy birthday stay pretty and beautiful….always pray to God
Iam Mendez‎ Happy Birrthday den 😊
Mae Shiel Barafon‎ happy birthday eden …godbless .. i miss you amping kapunay
Nova Jane Manriquez‎ Happy Birthday Ate Eden😁😃🎉🎂🎈
Lanz Daniel dela Cruz‎ late grate.happy bday.
Clarisa Aboyme‎ Happy birthday den!!
Marie Joy Omas-as‎  Happy bday den. More bdays to come. Godbless you.
Hii Rhea happy birthday
Jeradell Jumao-as Happy birthday I pray that u have many many more birthdays to come in ur life
Jerwin Bunao Bautista Hapy bday.
John Aljie Mirontos SaraÑa‎· Happy birthday 😉😉
Fredz Salinas Esto Happy birthday May the Lord bless u and shine upon you! Behappy!
Queennie Faye Malig Redillas Happy birthday Den!
Arby Lee Arocha Happy birthday to you
Ronald Eric Unabia Garcia‎ 😃🎉🎁🎂Happy Birthday Eden🎂🎁
Hael Ocdenaria pi bday..
Anrol Serencio Racho Today is your birthday….be happy because God loves you so much! Be strong, be brave and continue serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As what the Bible says in 1Corinthians 15:58 “Be ye steadfast unmovable always abounding in the work of the Lord forasmuch as ye know that your labor is not in vain in the Lord.”…..Have a blessed birthday! God bless…
Reyna Morales Rebuya HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY to this beautiful girl beside me 🙂sorry dwin late post nangita pako ug pic hahahaha Wish u all the best. Stay simple and pretty inside and outside 😀 more birthdays to come 🙂 May God bless and guide you always. happy natal day again den love u ❤ ❤
Reyna Morales Rebuya's photo.
Ingrid Daphnie Geolina Hibaya‎ Happy birthday den!!
Abner Matias Happy Happy B-day
Jaymaflor Balazuela Arocha‎ Happy birthday
Rowena Balazuela Hpi bday
Franstene Romero Happy Birthday!
Randyl Balazuela Pabalay Macapaz Happy birthday den.. Best wishes and more birthdays to come.. God bless.. 🎇🎉🎊🎈🎂🎁🎆 😊
Reylord Dela Peña Heypebertday!
Den Sel John Llyod happy birthday
Mary Grace Centino‎ happy birthday!! 😊😊🎉🎉🎁
Shiela Mae Aniscal Estomata Happy birthday! God bless
Jet Morgia‎ happy birthday
Arocha Joey Happy bday
Clark Glenn Gallibot hapybeerday den
Jay-arr Jimenez Malnegro happy b-day *^_^*
Mitzie Alcala‎ Happy birthday
Jay Francis Mainit Happy birthday
Ammiel Menaria Happy Birthday!
Maria Elsa Mercurio Angcla Happy Birthday Eden! God Bless You
Jonel Cabanos HBD
Rosemarie Salomon‎ Happy birthday..
Denisedmmarkku Redillas Barte Derf Happy birthday den..
Dionelord Escabarte Leopardas‎ Happy birthday!
Mary-an Mayang Jabonite Happy bday..
Rachel Rasonabe Alderite Happy birthday! 🎇
Danrex Silagan Batausa Hapi birtdi!
Balong XD Hbd 🎉🎉🎈
Maryjean Paster Redoloza Ramada happy Birthday ! Godbless You smile emoticon
Kitel Racho Gang!! Happy birthday!!
Nena Gare Hi den happy birthday. May the Lord shower His blessings to you.
Dongskie Soicsor happy birthday marita:-*
Sheila Lee Villacorta happy birthday smile emoticon
Arnold D. Arocha‎ happy bday
Jah Racho‎ Happy birthday eden. 😄😄
Jhung Intienza HBD ate eden..! more bdays to come and more candles to blow.!
Danica Podador Castrodes happy birthday den smile emoticon
Zcoy Vallente Arocha happy birthday í ¼í¾í ¼í¾í ¼í¾
Leander Estomata happy happy birthday den.walay kaon dha?
Jaylord Laborte happy birthday den
And, and to those who personally greeted me, I thank you. My birthday may not be the best birthday, but I believe that today’s one of the best days of my life.
Psalm 139:15-16
My frame was not hidden from You, when I was made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth.
Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in Your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.


Here’s a quick birthday rant. Primarily, it’s purpose is to give my friends/ family (if ever they could read this) my birthday request.

So here’s the list! 🙂

  • A new pair of jeans


  • Maine scents from Bench images (1)
  • A new Android phone/ iPhone 🙂  images (12).jpg


  • A treat at Prawn Farm download (2)


  • A free trip to Baguio (y) download (4)


  • And lastly, a day with loved ones ❤



  • And, and, last but the most remarked, a fan sign birthday greeting from Maine Mendoza. Can anyone pay me a favor for this? I would love to have it nooooooow! Treat ko if ever sino maka grant nito! Hahha ❤


3 days and counting! 😀

High School never ends!

High School, truly, never ends. I remembered this passage from my Valedictory address 3 years ago. It goes like this..

…It had been a short four years because of the lifelong friendships, the lasting memories, and the truly interesting and amazing things we learned between the occasional bits of drudgery.

Just this Monday, April 03, 2016, our batch decided to have a short get-together at Savima Boardwalk, San Vicente, Maribojoc, Bohol. Yea, it was indeed worth the time!

Honestly, weeks ago, Veen called me to create a group chat on facebook to hook up everybody’s attention. At first, I was like “duuuh, as if I care” but just then I, too, was really looking forward for our reunion. Irony. It’s just that I hate initiating events like this. However, I made a group chat on facebook, adding HS batch mates. We made our mind to meet at an indecisive time. lol! But we made it finalized last Sunday. So there you go.




Myself. (Cheek+Chin 😀 )

12936703_1183414961703916_7579843250038874927_n (1)

Say Hi to Reyna!


Hi Jul! 🙂


Reyna and I ❤


On our way…


My girls! love ’em ❤


The boys…



12670816_1183414131703999_6694300912468629477_n12670677_1799466486939593_8519721208590563508_n12592587_1183413988370680_486683750238488612_n12512241_1175609622463899_2403873845958938721_n12417898_1175703422454519_780714407178831370_n (1)12417898_1175703422454519_780714407178831370_n12439118_1175704272454434_703881855323727743_n12140723_1175704355787759_1771352299085194891_n

At the port.


Throwback pictures.


High School truly never ends with all of you guys! See you again, soon 🙂


Sorry for all the pains and hardships I caused you

Sorry for not attaining the expectations you set on me

Sorry if you see that I don’t care

Sorry if I disobey you

Sorry if all I can do is suffer

Sorry because, because of me, all things become harder

Sorry for not minding

Sorry for everything


PS: Will you still forgive me?

Holy Week Escapade

How do you guys spend your Holy Week? Is there something new that you did that wasn’t really your normal Lenten routine?

Well, as for myself, I was with my co-AWANA ministry team members (along with our coordinator) the whole week doing basic training! That, surely, is a new routine for me. But somehow along the way, I became blessed with the outcome of the training. I discovered a lot. I discovered that I should be studious enough of things for me to carry it out thoroughly.

Monday. I spent the day with Donna. We were roaming around the city looking for a summer job. We tried our luck at Pizza Hut. (Pizza Hut jud para mas…) We took a quick quiz about, uhhm what was that quiz about? lol Then after that we were told to wait for a text message confirming our interview. (Which is sadly ’till now, didn’t reach our inbox. Sad life 😦 )

Tuesday. Got the chance to wash all my laundry. Yaas, it’s been 2 weeks already since the last time I washed my dirty clothes. Been busy  for the past week for the end of the semester. By the way, the 2nd semester was a great experience for me. It was a test for my commitment, my passion and everything about me. Hahah I finished my laundry at around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. After that, I slept. Around 6 pm I woke up because of some commotion-??Chos, commotion talaga??-Ate Lorna fetched me for we will go to Hanna and Via’s birthday celeb. Yaay, belated happy birthday to both of you! God bless you 🙂

FotoJet Collage (2).jpg

Wednesday. Waited for Crea and Ate Thea,  our AWANA coordinator, to arrive from Cebu. At around 12nn, they finally arrived. We headed directly to Aliguay then to Tagbilaran City na. Donna and I met at Bohol Quality (BQ) Mall. Then we went to Avon then to Island City Mall (ICM) then after the whole day, we went home. That day was really horrible! I didn’t expect my irregular visitor to come! (Girls, I know gets nyo! Hahah)

Thursday. The legit day for our training at Sikatuna, Bohol. Geee, they’re awesome. Promise! We left the house at 6 in the morning. Yea, that early. Hahah then arrived at the venue at around 8:30 in the morning. Started the training at roughly 10:00. I was the first speaker next to the devotional. Geeey, haha. 4:00 pm, the first day of the training was finished. We went home by 6:30pm. Yaaay! Tulog agad. 😀

Friday. The last day of the training at Sikatuna. We planned to go to Sevilla Twin Hanging Bridge after. Sooo, I got so so so excited. Yeey, adventure to! Hahah

Well, for the information of everybody, Sevilla Twin Hanging Bridge is 40 meters long and 20 meters high from the river. Wohooo! Taas!


downloadimages (1)images (2)

IMG_1612 (2).JPG


IMG_1611 (2).JPG




Me on yellow shirt, Kuya Epp in white and Crea in floral blouse.

Saturday. We went to Cabawan, Maribojoc, Bohol for another training. And again, I was indeed blessed. 🙂

Sunday. Happy Resurrection Sunday Everyone! Attended the church service at Father’s Arm Reaching Ministries (FARM). Then watched God Gave Me You. Yaaay, ako’y kinikilig! Hahahaha up until now, the kilig is still there. Whoa! Hahah

download (1)

images (9)

God bless us all 🙂